Doubles Rules

Disc Golf Doubles events are a great way for newcomers to meet other disc golfers, an opportunity to learn from more experienced players and maybe a chance to win a little cash. For returning players it serves the same purpose, plus you get bragging rights (if you win) and perhaps a chance to mentor another player and earn some disc golf karma.


T.G.I.FDR  Doubles Rules:
• Format is random draw, best disc doubles. The Doubles Director may choose a different format at his discretion. In the absence of a Doubles Director, a different format may be chosen by player consensus.
• Cost to play is $7. ($5 to the pool, $1 to the ace pot & $1 to the course fund).
The Draw:
• Draw time will change with available daylight. Draw times will be posted on the WeDGE page on Facebook.
• Players must be present OR accounted for at Draw Time to be drawn for a team. A late arriving player who has confirmed that he will arrive before Tee off can be drawn for a team. That player’s partner may play Cali rules for no more than two holes. If the late player fails to arrive before the completion of the second hole he may not play doubles. His partner continues to play Cali.
• If an odd number of players are in the draw the person not drawn into a team may play Cali Rules (one extra throw per hole, player takes best disc).
• A late arriving player who has not been drawn into a team may play but may not play Cali Rules. He must play regular stroke play.
• The pool will pay out according to “The Rule of 7”. If 1 to 6 players compete, one place gets paid. If 7 to 13 play, 2 places get paid. Every 7th player that shows up, another place gets paid.
• The Ace Pot will be paid out to the player who hit the ace (not his teammate).
• A minimum of three players must compete and doubles (or a variant) must be played for the Ace Pot to be in play. The Ace Pot will not be paid out for singles play.
• Other conditions for Ace Pot have been updated. Please refer to the link in the upper menu. If Ace Pot is not claimed before the end of the doubles season. Backup pots will go into the club’s general fund for course maintenance and improvements.
• The funds for the Ace Pots will be held in the club’s bank account and paid out whenever an Ace is hit.

We want to encourage as many people as possible to come to our leagues, even if you may not make it on time.  Every Friday (or on weekends during colder weather), the info for that day’s doubles will be posted on facebook. We encourage all who are coming that day to post their intent. You do not HAVE to post that you are coming. However, if a point in the day comes that you will or may be late, you must post on that day’s doubles thread that you will be late. One of us will be in charge of checking facebook a few minutes before flipping for teams. If you have posted by then, you will be flipped in. You still must arrive before the start of the third hole played by your teammate to join in.