Discs for Sale

WeDGE has great plastic left over from the Fools Fest. Proceeds benefit the courses and the club. If you want a disc or two fill out the form below. We’ll get it to you at one of the courses where you can pay with cash or credit card. We’re in the mood to deal so get a couple and we’ll make it sweet!

  • DX Aviar Putter – $8
  • Champion TL – $15
  • Metal Flake Champion Tern – $15
  • Star Ontario Roc – $15
  • Star Destroyer – $15
  • Discmania C-Line DD2 Frenzy – $15
  • Glow Champion XCaliber – $20
  • Glow Blizzard Champion Katana – $20

Xcaliber TL Tern Roc Katana Destroyer DD2

Want one? Ask and you shall receive!