Westchester Disc Golf Enthusiasts (WeDGE) is a group of dedicated disc golfers who seek to expand the sport of Disc Golf in Westchester County. Our club was founded in March of 2012 with 3 main goals in mind:

1) Community Outreach. The sport of disc golf is a wonderful, diverse activity which suits a wide range of interests from casual family time to the serious competitor. Most courses are free to play, and you can start playing on your own for less than $10. Disc golf is easy to learn, but extremely challenging to master.  A disc golf course is a low environmental impact way of providing timeless entertainment in our towns’ parks while serving larger groups of park patrons. For more information about disc golf, please visit the PDGA website (Professional Disc Golf Association) for a disc golf overview.

2) Organization of more events held at our local courses. We stand ready to serve the Mt. Kisco and Yorktown communities. We have experience in creating local leagues, teams and clinics for youth, women & seniors. Tournaments are a way to test your skill against other players while serving every skill level. Educational clinics for local schools and youth centers are a great way to grow the sport. Our group has a vast level of expertise to impart to new players, young and old.

3) Funding and support. As a unified group of players we can organize and deploy work teams more easily, raise money more efficiently, and make sure our parks are kept clean from litter. Membership dues can help provide much needed improvements to our courses such as tee boxes, new baskets, new signage, and whatever else a course may need to improve the playing experience.


Last year your memberships, donations, disc and apparel purchases plus a sizable grant from NEFA made the recent Leonard Park renovations possible. Thank you.


Bring Disc Golf to your park

Let WeDGE help you be the hero who brings disc golf to your park.  We have the expertise to help you bring a safe, fun course to your area for little or no cost.
Why Include Disc Golf In Your Recreation Programs?
Few recreational activities offer the high benefit-to-cost ratio of disc golf, both for recreation departments and citizens of all ages and backgrounds. Disc golf has low capital and maintenance costs, has minimal liability issues, is environmentally sound, is played year-round in all climates and is enjoyed immediately even by beginners of all ages.
CAPITAL COSTS? A test course with wooden tees, signs and target posts can be installed for
under $500 as one way to gauge interest from your community. A deluxe 18-hole course with dual hard surface tees, professional metal signs and official metal baskets is around $15,000.
MAINTENANCE COSTS? The fairway grass areas can be mowed every 2-4 weeks versus the
once-a-week required in many parks. Occasionally, some action may be required to deal with
erosion from the walking pathways used by players. Trash cans (located at strategic points) need to be emptied. Active players, scouts and service clubs have been a reliable source of volunteer labor.
LAND REQUIRED? A full scale 18-hole course ranges from 20-25 acres (about 1 acre/hole). A
small “picnic scale” 9-holer could be squeezed into 5-6 acres. A significant advantage for disc golf is its ability to utilize land areas that aren’t very desirable or usable for any other activity. The portability of baskets and signs allows park departments to inexpensively relocate the course to another site as community needs dictate.
VANDALISM? This has not been a problem. In fact, vandalism has been reduced in many parks
that had problems before a disc golf course was installed. A disc golf course increases the traffic in a park at random times during the day and steadily during evenings and weekends. This increased player presence not only reduces vandalism but also chases away other questionable activities.
WHO PLAYS? The simple answer is everyone can. In studies measuring annual recreational
activities, “throwing a Frisbee¨” has consistently been a Top Ten activity.18811948_1967510486813926_5392115390388109312_n Senior_Fling_400x300_1 A disc golf course serves a broader portion of your community than many narrower interest activities with higher cost, skill or fitness levels required to participate. Disc golf has one of the most diverse demographics of any sport. Even though everyone can play, the active players have been primarily males from age 15-50. Disc-Golf-Class-1512-1030x1030Active women players have typically been spouses or girlfriends of male players but now groups of women, especially those who play another disc sport called ultimate, have been trying it. Families with young children are also regular users depending on how rugged the course terrain is. Some flatter courses serve the disabled. Some courses have an active group of seniors who prefer to play disc golf.
Team Building and Social Eventsteam bld collage
If you’re looking to add a team building activity that can help your park users to improve and grow or just want a socializing activity that’s fun and affordable, The game of golf is known to help develop traits that are highly transferable to and valuable in any business environment: self control, perseverance, integrity, focus, and risk management among them. Disc golf develops all these traits as well, and is particularly effective in fostering creativity, adaptability, and a willingness to embracing new things.
Fun disc golf outings
Disc Golf combines the low-key competition and fun of sports like bowling or miniature golf with the experience of a nature hike. It’s like a walk in the woods with a Frisbee! The basics can be learned in just a few minutes of instruction and your event is off & throwing.


Contact Us at westchesterdiscgolf@gmail.com to learn how we can help bring the benefits of disc golf to your park or organization.

Bill Newman – President
Jack Bradley – Vice President
Jeff Greenberg – Treasurer
David Kimmelman – Secretary
David Coats – Leonard Park Liaison
Bill Newman – FDR State Park Liaison
Ryan Korcykowski – Course Maintenance Director