2018 Ace Pot Rules

WeDGE Ace Pot Policy Update – PLEASE READ!!

In an effort to provide better value/transparency to our members, WeDGE will be formalizing our Ace Pot Policy.

Previously ace pots were attached to a specific event (Tuesday Doubles, PDGA League, etc..). Moving forward, ace pots will now be attached to each one of the courses that WeDGE maintains. Thus, there will be a single ace pot at FDR, and a single ace pot at Kisco across the events listed below. If you hit an Ace (and comply with the rules outlined in this document) you will win the Ace Pot for the course on which you hit your ace. Ace pot payouts will be tracked on a Google document available to all members, as well as announced prior to events.

Each ace pot will be capped at $1000; when the pot reaches $500, a backup ace pot will begin to be funded until it reaches $250; after that any money will go back to the main pot until it reaches it’s $1000 cap. Any additional money will go into the secondary Ace Pot (Please feel free to reach out to me if you need clarification on how this will work).

To qualify for an Ace Pot payout, you MUST:
+ Be participating in one of the below events
+ Contribute to the Ace Pot prior to the beginning of your round
+ Be a current WeDGE member prior to the beginning of your round

Ace pots will be in play for the following events ONLY:
+ PDGA League Matches
+ Tuesday Doubles at Kisco
+ Friday Doubles at FDR
+ Monthly Tag Rounds

Non-members will be paid up to $200 for hitting an ace, as long as all other conditions are met

If a Cali player in doubles hits an ace on a second tee shot, it counts. An ace is an ace.

WeDGE Ace Pots will not be applied to tournament play/Deadbeat Doubles, as tournaments/Deadbeat Doubles will have their own ace pots.

Thank you,

The WeDGE Board