2017 WeDGE Membership

The new 2018 Tags are in and they look great! Tags are distributed on a first come first serve basis. Tags can be purchased at any time of the year through this link or you can purchase one in person if you are lucky enough to meet one of our club’s officers out on the course. Follow WeDGE on Facebook and post a message requesting a tag and a club officer will reach out to you.

Please sign-up or re-new your WeDGE membership. The fees from membership are absolutely vital in helping WeDGE continue it’s work improving and maintaining the courses in Leonard Park and FDR State Park. The tag that’s included with your membership shows everyone that you support disc golf. They’re great to play for casually but even more fun to exchange during monthly tag rounds and local tournaments. The tags are a fun way to connect with other golfers and earn bragging rights for your disc golf prowess.

Thanks for supporting WeDGE